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Wellness Checks

Our wellness checks address any concerns you may have for the psychological welfare of your people.

If you have concerns about the psychological welfare of a team member, our wellness checks can help. Our clinical staff have many years of experience and can provide informed recommendations on how to best support your people when they need it most. Our counsellors will contact your staff member by phone and check in on their wellbeing while also assessing any risk of potential harm to themselves of others. We offer support and strategies to assist and encourage accessing their allocated EAP sessions to receive longer term support where appropriate. Any actions required to ensure their immediate safety are taken and may include contacting emergency services or referring the employee to external organisations for specialist assistance.

Common reasons for requesting a wellness check include:

  • death or injury of employees or their family member/s
  • unapproved and/or extended absences from workplace
  • exacerbated mental health issues
  • challenging or distressing work events

Wellness check calls are generally 15 minutes in length, but if the employee is in crisis the session will be extended as necessary to ensure that adequate supports and strategies are implemented. We provide an outcome report to you on completion of the call and advise any recommended steps you can take to assist your team member moving forward.

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