Critical Incident Response

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Critical Incident Response

Immediate support when an unexpected crisis occurs in the workplace.

Whether a death, assault, serious injury or near miss, AWS’s Critical Incident Response supports your people impacted by the traumatic event. Our immediate intervention (available 7 days a week) involves communicating with care to all thosewho have experienced or witnessed the incident. This may include group debriefing, individual counselling, onsite support, Wellness Checks or Wellbeing Assessments depending on the nature of incident and the extent of the impact on staff and their families.

AWS applies a Psychological First Aid (PFA) model when responding to critical incidents, which is ‘grassroots’ evidence-based psychological support for individuals who have experienced stressful or traumatic events.

This includes the following eight elements delivered within 24-hours post-incident:

  • Understanding the event and significant stressors
  • Assessing individual’s response
  • Educating individual with realistic coping responses
  • Developing a response plan which mobilises the individual
  • Encouraging good self-care
  • Encouraging individual’s utilisation of support system (family, friends etc.)
  • Making appropriate referrals
  • Following up

All critical incident requests are received and triaged immediately. Critical incidents will be responded to by telephone within 20 minutes and a counsellor, where possible, will be available on-site within 2-4 hours (depending on travel time).

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