Conflict Management at Work

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Conflict Management

Facilitating conflict resolution to achieve meaningful and productive outcomes for your people and organisation.

Our mediation service supports conflict resolution, behaviour change and improved working relationships for your organisation. As a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), this process assists all parties to manage and resolve issues and create a respectful and professional work environment. Mediation is a structured negotiation in which an independent person assists the parties to identify and assess options and negotiate an agreement to resolve their dispute.

Our mediators refrain from making or involving their thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the development of a proposal – our role is to assist parties to identify the pertinent issues with the objective of reaching an agreement on some or all of these.

The benefits of this facilitative approach to conflict management includes:

  • Empowering parties to make decisions
  • Being treated respectfully and equally
  • Allowing room for expressing feelings as well as addressing substantive issues
  • Inclusive rather than adversarial
  • Resolutions achieved
  • Flexibility with location
  • Cost effective

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