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Management Support

Organisational psychology services supporting managers to empower and develop the full potential of their teams and individuals.

In an increasingly complex work environment, managers, supervisors and team leaders face many challenges while balancing operational demands, people management, and strategic issues.

Our Management Support services offer the opportunity to discuss difficult situations with our team specialists, receive support and advice, develop concrete strategies, and commit to action. As with all people who utilise our services, managers are offered complete confidentiality.

We often assist with matters such as:

  • Having crucial conversations
  • Resolving workplace conflict in a healthy and professional manner
  • Leading people through organisational change
  • Supporting team members with serious/critical incident stress
  • Addressing issues such as bullying, substance use and poor performance
  • Improving organisational morale and reducing employee turnover

Managers can access a free 15-minute phone consultation with an AWS counsellor by calling our Manager Support Hotline on 1300 66 77 00 (Australia) or 0800 327 669 (New Zealand).

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